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The Maison Blanc Team

It's all in the finish!


Galina Petersen

Master Stylist / Founder

Galina is a Maison Blanc Salon's CEO and ownerLanding in Seattle back in 1990s, Galina graduated from Gene Juarez Beauty Academy and Tony & Guy Advanced Academy in London, UK & Paris, France.


She then began her journey towards learning and defining an individual style. Through frequent travels around the world attending Fashion & Coiffure Shows, she continued to push new boundaries; Creating new trends and delivering her artistic passion & innovative touch Galina truly knows how to balance business & motherhood to her Daugter & create Beauty in every aspect of her life & life of her clients who she considers part of Maison Blanc Family!


Galina has quite an impressive clientele:

Melinda Gates - Seattle,

Rita Mizrahi Hollywood designer - Beverly Hills, CA

Jennifer D owner of Teatro Zinzanni - Seattle/Chicago

Christine S fashionista/influencer - Seattle/Paris

Maxim Galkin - most influential TV host, singer & comedian - Moscow/Russia

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Lia Furs

Hairstylist / Bridal / Prom

Please meet our Ukrainian hair artist Lia!


 Mother of 5
Lia flawlessly juggles her carrier & family, being able to use her creativity on her clients!
Moving to Seattle, Everett

from Ukraine , Dnipro
Lia had been playing a large part in Ukrainian community by hosting Ukrainian   refuges for the last 1,5 years!..
Providing them with haircuts & colors ‘ making them feel welcomed in their new country!
“I have been a master stylist-calorist for 15 years!  My motto is "beauty will save the world"!  Beautiful people are happy people, and they are truly
make our world a better place!
My passions are haircuts of any complexity, as well as any hair colouring!
As well as wedding styles & special occasion hair!
I love using “simple canvas” & creating an unique masterpeace with each client!
I am very happy to call Maison Blanc my home, where despite using different languages & being born in different places we all can communicate
With Love, understanding, compassion & deep care for each other!!!


Yuliia Gutskalo

Permanent Make Up / Eyebrows / Lips

Yuliia Gutskalo made her way to Seattle from Kyiv, Ukraine 
She is a certified top master, one of the sought-after and experienced beauty masters in WA state !
An architect and designer by education, she graduated from art school with honors, but she found her calling in creating beauty in permanent make up!

“I work with a variety of skin conditions, providing proper treatments and  create natural beauty with  symmetry and color!”

My services:
Permanent make-up 3 zones - Eyebrows, Lips and Eyes
Lamination/Lifting of eyelashes
Eyebrow lamination
Eyebrow shaping/coloring


Nayibe Flores

Hair & Make Up Artist

Maison Blanc proudly presents an influencer &international published (Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan...) artist, Nayibe Flores, who provides makeup and full hair services personally designer to enhanced your beauty without alter your authenticity.

Born in Mexico, Zacatecas 

Nayibe moved to US 15 years ago

With pursuit of her hair & make up passions!

In a short period of time Nayibe became quite an ambassador in Latina community inspiring young girls to believe in yourself, your own dreams & desires  & follow your passions!

“ As a mother of 3 children I stride for  perfection to create most realistic picture of your own unique style,

Which brings you confidence & ability to create your own path to the brighter future!”


Kate Iris

Photographer & makeup artist

Born & raised in Ukraine,
moved to America 10 years ago &  really fell in love with the state of Washington
My pursuit to nature and beauty inspired me to start my career in beauty and photography.
I am a makeup artist and professional photographer/retoucher 6 years .I feel lucky to find my passion in my profession, which gives me the opportunity to express myself, to create & offer my own/individual style.
I am very grateful to my clients who feel transformed & happy when they see the result of my work. This inspires me even more to create a little magic in their everyday life!

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Make Up Artist / Master class

Please meet Yulianna
Most creative & innovative make up artist in WA state!

After carefully choosing her permanent place to be
Yulianna chose Maison Blanc to  be her  family!
Landed in seattle 5 years ago
a transplant from Sochi, Russia
Yuliana quickly became one of the most desired artists !

Services includes:
• most fashionable makeup  techniques
•make up with no make up
•natural & soft glam
•editorial looks
•individual approach to each client
•bridal and special occasion looks
•make up lessons

We do travel to the venue,
providing unforgettable and memorable experience !


Aseel Haboobi

A Hair & Make Up Artist

I am Aseel Haboobi, 

Originally from Bagdad, Iraq. 

 I came to America in 2014,

 & saw an opportunity to do what I love & what I am very passionate about!!!

In 2019 I got my makeup artist  certification at Evergreen Beauty Collegde 

Finally my long away dream came true!!

I started to do other individuals makeup and I loved seeing their transformations and how much confidence it brought to those people!

My field includes 

Bridal & engagement make up 

Social & private events make  up 

Portrait & individual ,

Make up with no make up ,

Natural & Glam 

Looking forward to transform Most Beautiful YOU!🌸


Rémy Olivier


Rémy Olivier Robin grew up in Seattle, Washington and has always had a love and dedication to the visual arts. He has a strong foundation in various historical photographic process and visual genres. He has been working as a freelance photographer since 2012 and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018. Currently specializing in fashion and portrait photography.

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